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This website is totally informative so that you will feel better equipped to tackle real-world pet welfare issues in the future.

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In 1789 philosopher and professor of Law, Jeremy Bentham, famously argued that it was the ability to suffer and not the ability to reason or to talk that should be the benchmark for decisions relating to how we treat pets.

Whilst the idea that pets such as Peanut and Bella, might not have feelings seems nonsensical to most people, we have to appreciate that it has only relatively recently become accepted that pets are sentient and therefore feel things like pain and fear and stress as well as more positive emotions like happiness and pleasure, all of which are important for their welfare.

Pets play a huge part in the lives of many people and although we rely on them for all aspects of our well-being, for food, draft power, medical advances, clothing, sport, as well as for pleasure, companionship, protection and comfort, often their quality of life is questionable.

Pet or Animal welfare to me is making the animals as comfortable as they can be so that you’re giving them free access to bedding, and water, free from stress, pain, illness or limit the illness and act on it quickly.

The AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, recognizes that the human-animal bond exists and that it has done for thousands of years.

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I am Rajibul Hossain, a father of two sons, an educator, and a blogger. I passed post-graduation from Science College, Kolkata, West Bengal in 1999 with a major in Physics.

I have successfully completed “Animal Behaviour and Welfare” an online course authorized by The University of Edinburgh.

I’m an animal, food lover, and traveller, and love to help others.